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Local councils provide a wide range of services for their communities. The information shown here is provided to help you understand how well your council is performing across this range of services.

Where does the information come from?

Local councils across Scotland are required to publish their performance information using the Local Government Benchmarking Framework each year. This ensures that councils report standard information on the services councils provide to local communities across Scotland.

The indicators within the Local Government Benchmarking Framework were selected through a wide consultation process to cover the major service areas of local authorities. They were designed to help identify where councils vary in their performance and to support a benchmarking process to help councils understand why that variation occurs so that they can then share good practice with one another in improving local services. The data for each indicator is drawn from a wide range of existing and previously audited and quality assured data from bodies such as the Scottish Government, Audit Scotland and the General Registrar for Scotland. No new data has been created for the project.

The overall balance of indicators covers the major council service areas, and within each service grouping relevant information on cost, performance or achievement information and customer satisfaction information is presented. In viewing the indicators these three dimensions need to be taken together 'in the round' to understand how a service or a council is performing overall.

The indicators do not explain everything about the performance of each council or local government as a whole. But they are designed to allow councils to work together in order to collectively improve performance at local levels within each of the 32 council areas.

The selected indicators will be reviewed as part of the project going forward and any identified weaknesses in underpinning data will be improved. New indicators, where relevant to service improvement, will be added to the suite to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

Councils have started working together to ‘drill-down’ into the LGBF data across a number of service areas such as positive destinations, roads maintenance, council tax collection, looked after children, waste management and sports services, with a longer term plan to roll out this activity across other service areas. This process has been organised around ‘family groups’ of councils so that similar councils are compared in terms of the type of population that they serve (e.g. relative deprivation and affluence) and the type of area in which they serve them (e.g. urban, suburban, rural). The point of comparing like with like is that this is more likely to lead to useful learning and improvement. Examples of best practice emerging from this collaboration are being shared across all local authorities and are being used to inform local improvement activity.

How often is this information updated?

This information is updated annually and relates to the previous financial year (April – March), so the latest data shown here relates to April 2020 – March 2021.

How can I find out more?

You can find out more about the Local Government Benchmarking Framework on the Improvement Service website.

The Improvement service also publishes an annual National Overview report on the Local Government Benchmarking Framework.

You can access the complete dataset on the Local Government Benchmarking Website.

Each council in Scotland publishes further details about their own performance in their Public Performance Reporting which can be found on your councils' website.